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Volume Lash Extensions

Learn the art of creating handmade volume fans, advanced mapping, and working more efficiently through services!


upgrade your menu by offering volume


This hands-on course will provide you with ample practice opportunities to refine your technique and gain confidence in creating stunning volume lash sets. Join us and take your lash skills to new heights! Babe Cave has been a top school in the midwest for years and continues to offer our students with unrivaled education. 

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"I have been lashing for 4 years, but recently lost my confidence in volume lashing. Lizz was genuinely amazing during her 2 day Volume Course. She was calm, patient, and shared all of her advice to any questions I asked (and I asked alot)! Thank you again Lizz  &  Chloe for your dedication to your students."

2024 Course Dates

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50 S Meridian

ste 400

Indianapolis IN, 46204



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