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classic Lash extensions

Learn the fundamentals and basics of all things lash extensions! 

Mastery starts with the essentials. Gain both hands on practice and expert theory knowledge.

" I absolutely loved this class. Lizz was very informative, sweet, and thorough. I loved the mix of education, bookwork, then hands on back and forth. I like we had a demonstration and explanation for each step. The incorporation of social media tips and building a clientele was very helpful to get me started and consistent. Alot of helpful tips. Lizz is amazing! Hope to come to the next level of classes later!"


who is this course for?

licsened professionals or students enrolled in a cos/esthi program

This beginner level course is designed to lay a strong foundation for aspiring lash artists. We understand that starting in this industry goes beyond technical skills, which is why our program also covers crucial business aspects, such as client consultation, pricing strategies, marketing tips, social media, and building an ideal client base. 

If you are unlicensed in Indiana looking to offer lashes legally you will need to enroll in the 45 Hour IDOH Course. 


want more info?

50 S Meridian

ste 400

Indianapolis IN 46204


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course dates

April 5-6

June 3-4

August 9-10

October 7-8

December 13-14

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