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1 on 1 training

This is an individualized mentorship program personalized to the student! 

Did you get certified but want more 1 on 1 time with  an instructor? 

Did you get certified and want to work on something specific?

Did you get certified but want to learn more about business or marketing? 

This is for certified lash artists looking to focus on 2-3 trouble areas. This can range from glue dipping, volume fanning methods, to getting new clients. This can be technique or business or a combination! Its up to the student to decide and I will create a customized training program!  

Students must have a certificate of completion for a lash course. This does not replace any formal training but it builds off of it. If a student has a classic lash certificate only, we will not be training on any volume techniques. 

Have a friend who wants to join you? Register together and receive $50 off! 


4 hour training $475 

6 hour training $700

For registration & all inquires send an email to 

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