Classic Lash extension training 

This is a 2 day program designed to teach the fundamentals and basics of lash extensions. 

*This course is for licensed professionals or students working towards a cosmetology or esthetics license only*

Unlicensed students are now required to complete a 45 hour training program  that is approved with the Department of Health. We are on this list to offer this program and have dates for the year available. 

2022 Training Dates 

September 16-17

October 3-4

November 21-22

December 5-6

Classes are 2 days held on Monday-Tuesday or Friday-Saturday from 10 am-6 pm. The first day is focused on theory and mannequin work. The second day is focused on theory and live model practice. 

Students are required to complete 5 total models to receive their lash certification: 1 will be completed in class and 4 more in their own time. 

All students will receive online training prior to class so that we are able to dive right into hands on learning. 

Course Curriculum

-Product Knowledge 

-Tape/Pad Application 

-Tweezer Techniques 

-Understanding Adhesive

-Humidity Levels 


-Station Set Up

-Reactions vs Sensitivities 

-When Not to Lash

-Lash Growth

-Identifying Lash Damage

-Lash Mapping/Eyeshapes

-Client Consultation/Aftercare

-Full Sets vs Fill Ins

-Safe Lash Removal

-Clientele Markets

Feel prepared leaving your class with:

-Marketing Knowledge

-How to Grow your New Lash Biz

-What to Charge

-Social Media & Business Tips 

-Photo/Editing How To

-Mannequin & Model Practice 

Each kit includes:

lash glue, lash tile, jade stone, tape, 3 tweezers, microswabs, brushes, q tips, pads, primer, cleanser, sealant, 2 lash trays, client consent forms, client cards, 15% discount code, mannequin, practice lashes, and sponges. 

Classes are $1200 which includes all materials, student fees, kit, and take home goodies. Payments Include:

-1 payment of $1200

-2 payments of $600

-3 payments of $400

-4 payments of $300

The total balance needs to be paid off 1 week prior to class. Students enrolled in a cosmetology or esthetics program may receive a student discount on all courses.

Ready to register? 

Send us an email:

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